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Moto X now in natural wood finishes and every wood grain is unique like you

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Eye candy Joe Manganiello, who is practically every girl's Valentine dreamboat, was at the 2014 Sundance Film Festival Recently. He stopped by Moto X's lounge at the Sundance and picked up a Moto X in Walnut.

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Moto X, designed and assembled in the USA, is now available in natural wood finishes, inspired by nature, and designed by you! Valentine's Day is right around the corner. For all those who wish to gift someone special a smartphone with a sentimental touch, then look no more. Moto X allows you to design it according to your own personal taste. Now, Moto X is the first, ever smartphone to use real bamboo into the body. The four new natural wood finishes are: Bamboo, Ebony, Teak and Walnut.

These new wood backs boasts of natural finishes and distinct grains, so they are very special, unique and deliver a whole new level of sophisticated customization for gifting this Valentine's Day, or any special occasion such as birthday. The lucky recipient will feel very special to receive such a unique smartphone because every wood grain is different, so every phone is too - just like you! Visit Moto X's blog for more information on the Moto X with wood finishes.

Moto X is now available with no contract for $379.99 (32gb) or $329.99 (16gb). To upgrade to a wood finish (Bamboo, Ebony, Teak and Walnut.), it's available for only an additional $25.