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Moto Liberty celebrates Groundhog's Day in style

We may not have Puxatony Phil in these parts but that doesn't mean we can't celebrate Groundhog's Day in style.

Moto Liberty is having some fun with this one so make plans to stop by.  In the morning they will be serving fresh, hot coffee as you browse for some new leathers.  If you come by around lunch, they will be dishing out ham sandwiches -- because as good of a cook as Audrey is (and she's famous for her Italian roast beef), she doesn't have a clue how to prepare goundhog!

At the same time, definitely take time to take advantage of their Spring Cleaning sale as the balcony will be chock full of close-outs and everything will be "garage sale style".   You could definitely some some treasures for pennies on the dollar.

Also be sure to check out their collectible items and motorcycle gear that is currently listed on the website to benefit Zac Chapman.  This 20-year old really needs our help as he has a long road ahead of him in recovery from his wreck during a race.

  • Moto Liberty
  • 11441 N. Stemmons Freeway
  • Suite 1201
  • Dallas  75229