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Motivation: You can do it!

There is no better place than the gym to start to get in touch with the four most important words in the "achievement dictionary": YOU CAN DO IT.

No place is "mind over matter" more regularly applied than when you work out. It's the pain versus pleasure principle in full effect.

This is proof of the potency of the psychological edge of winning in life. Winning is not for cowards. It's not for those who live in fear or the comfort zone, for anyone complacent. It's for the people that can put these four words into practice.

You must execute and do what it takes to accomplish your goals. It's funny how the mind of a person in the 'comfort zone' naturally gravitates toward the word "can't". It's not necessarily a "natural" thing to say or think "can" when it comes to difficult things.

Think about a university student studying for five class finals in the span of one week trying to ace them all: not an easy feat, or the Wright Brothers trying to defy gravity. Often times, more dramatic words like "impossible" are used when it comes to difficult challenging things.

This is why "You can do it" are the four most important words in the English language. Achievement is a good thing, a powerful thing, and it leads to success. It builds confidence and self esteem, it breaks down barriers and obstacles, and it allows those who might normally become convinced they can't do something to do it, and reap the rewards of triumph.

But to believe such words is not for cowards. Saying such words requires action, follow through, hard work, and perseverance. Words like these must be followed through on in order to succeed. By saying you can do something, you have to follow it up with "action". You have to do the work, take the chance, have faith, believe.

You can imagine how Jonas Salk must have felt when he went into medical research instead of becoming a practicing physician, eventually going on to discover the polio vaccine. Intelligence isn't enough. He had to believe in himself, work hard, and follow through...he had to believe he could do it and think that way to push himself through to his potential.

The same thing works in the gym and with any goal you set out to achieve. While everybody goes in with goals and a level of "potential", very few people will actually reach them, or actually "do what it takes." One of the paramount reasons why is because when faced with the "pain versus pleasure" principle, they focus on the pain and say, "I can't do it."

There will always be the naysayers and the critics and the pessimists. Remember, natural thought in the comfort zone always gravitates towards "can't". This is because lazy people don't like to get uncomfortable and change.

The ones who reach their potential face the same pain or pleasure principle and say to themselves, "I can do it." Just like in life, in the gym during their workouts, they get those four more reps, or do that 30 extra minutes of the stair master, or run at 7 mph instead of 6 mph, or try that much heavier weight they never lifted before and give it all they got, or they do the extra stretching and really focus on elongating the muscles..etc.

In life, it's the worker or business person who goes out on a limb and takes a chance or a risk of rejection, who stays at the desk for ten minutes later than the end of their shift, who challenges their abilities to push beyond the usual routine, who finds a way to accomplish much under pressure in a limited amount of time, or a person who studies for one extra hour to hit their goals, or two brothers who defy all the odds and naysayers by finding a way to launch a flight off the ground.

The list goes on, but the ones who succeed constantly challenge themselves and meet those challenges head on by saying, "I can do it." But they follow it through with hard work and dedication. They persevere. This is what creates winners and champions, and success.

So the next time you're in the gym at a crossroads, or in life, between thinking you can't do it versus thinking you can, always apply the thought, "You can do it," and you will find it always works better and produces results.

If you want to reach your potential and succeed, no matter how much people try their best to convince you that you can't, you have to defy them and also defy yourself by believing:


Watch the video for some powerful motivation that will help you reach your goals.

-Greg Mickles

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