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April 21st, yesterday was a Sunday morning; it was also Easter Sunday and my son Nicholas’ 3rd Birthday. My past few weeks have been incredibly busy (even more than normal), and last night I fell asleep multiple times between 7:00p and 9:00p. I also slept from 11:00p to 6:30am, which is a long sleep for me. I knew what the demands of this day this day would contain and how I would need to remain focused and feel my best.

When I awoke, I was still not feeling 100% but decided to drag myself to the gym to get in my workout. The workout ended up being a slow, plodding, low energy, “I cannot wait until this is over” type of workout. It was a fantastic effort.
It was fantastic, not because I set personal records nor had an earth-shattering workout. It was a fantastic effort because I did it. I completed a workout because of how it mattered to my long-term goals and how it mattered to my overall state of mind and well-being. Relative to other workouts, it would not be considered one of my best, however I did give 100% of the effort that I could today.
It is days like today where most of my (and your) success comes from. Often, I coach people on the understanding of accomplishing these all important tasks, especially when you want to do anything other than accomplishing the task. Many people are derailed from a sub-par effort and expect each and every workout to be great, getting down on themselves when they do not perform at their best respective to their overall ability. This way of thinking robs you of the pride in the effort of doing in and of itself. It robs you of the opportunity to add to the “accumulation” of positive instead of negative. It robs you of the pride of doing instead of wishing. When you allow yourself to skip a workout, you are allowing for Instant Gratification, exchanging what you want right now for what you ultimately want from and in your life.

In reality, about 25% of your workouts will be great workouts, about 25% will be like mine today and the rest will be somewhere in the middle… MOST of your overall success will come from your sub-optimal efforts. MOST of your payoff will come from the days that you perform the tasks when you do not feel like accomplishing them. When I sat in my car after the workout, I said to myself that it was a FANTASTIC workout. It was because I wanted to stay in bed, lounge around and do nothing. I did not. I got up and did what needed to be done. The WORST workout will be the one you allow yourself to skip. In my experience, when you skip, there is so much more pain and regret versus just doing it.

My self-talk was a series of questions –

  1. Why would I not work out today?
  2. Why would I work out today?
  3. How will I feel based on my choice?
  4. Am I honoring the commitment that I made to my reasons and goals?

Add up all of the past times that you skipped the workout and picture the results that you would have now if you just showed up, shut up and performed what you could.
It is easy to perform your workouts, to make the best food choices and be positive when you are highly motivated. It is necessary for your success to perform these actions when you just don’t feel like it. Your success depends on it. Ultimately, your perspective will determine what happens.

To your success,


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