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Motivation to eat healthy

Eating Healthy- Veggies
Eating Healthy- Veggies

Eating healthy or ‘clean’ as society has popularly deemed it is well; tough. Abandoning those oh so beautifully fried chicken tenders for carrots and hummus just doesn’t sit well with the majority. If you do not know by now, 34.9% of the adult American population is overweight. That’s more than one-third! It is not as though consumerism doesn’t have a hand in this. In fact, they have both hands in.
Advertisements generally stalk your life with a burger or something greasy and unhealthy in your face at every turn. Let’s say you are going to work. It can be via public transportation or by car. Within the first 10 minutes of your commute you are bound to come across a McDonald’s billboard or walk pass an establishment that serves up come unhealthy food. The motivation to eat healthy is just down right hard but not impossible.

To stay motivated from picking the wrong foods/snacks to eat you must have a system in place. When you get those cravings have a Plan B. If you’re trying to stay healthy and at a healthy weight try these quick tips:

• Chart Your Progress- weigh yourself every morning. As you begin to see the pounds drop it’s the sweetest motivation there is!
• Get a massage- Studies prove that people who accept the skin they’re in have better eating habits. Allowing another person to touch you helps build confidence and a more comfortable feeling with your body.

Overall, be your own motivation. The only individual that can change your life is you. Always have a Plan B food to go to when those cravings are overbearing and try your best not to place yourself in the mist of temptation.

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