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Motivation Tips For August 2014

Can you imagine where the world would be if every person born came into the world having all the knowledge of every person who has ever lived? Well, we know that’s not possible so far. But what is possible is that every person born can obtain the knowledge of many people who have lived before them if these people have left their knowledge behind. And one way for people to leave their knowledge behind is share “life lessons” or, as many might say “motivational tips,” they have learned and benefited from during their life time. Here is another 10 Motivational Tips that I have learned from both personal experience and observation in my life time and that I would like to share with you. My sincerest hope is that these tips will significantly help improve both your personal and professional life.

Phil Mitsch Is The World’s #1 Economic Recovery, Real Estate, Financial And Motivational Trainer.  He Is Also The Real Estate Industry's All Time Top Producing Residential Realtor.  @PhilMitsch
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Tip #1
No person has the power to stop the world from turning, but they do have the power to help keep it turning. --- Phil Mitsch

Tip #2
Never forget the world will keep turning when you die so give it something very special to remember you by. --- Phil Mitsch

Tip #3
Raking your leaves into very neat and precise piles is extremely helpful. Raking your life can give you the same results. --- Phil Mitsch

Tip #4
Always reading and speaking words from a teleprompter will only get you through newscasts, not life. --- Phil Mitsch

Tip #5
Flying above the radar and being detected is fine as long as your jet is faster than the competition. --- Phil Mitsch

Tip #6
It doesn’t do any good to throw a life preserver with a 10 foot line to someone who is drowning 20 feet from the boat. --- Phil Mitsch

Tip #7
The ladder of success is not climbed using an elevator or an escalator. It’s climbed one step at a time. --- Phil Mitsch

Tip #8
Filling your ego does not pay the bills. Filling your wallet does. --- Phil Mitsch

Tip #9
If your date doesn’t like your car, then you might want to consider going alone to the bar. --- Phil Mitsch

Tip #10
Be very careful of people who promise to take you to the moon because in most cases you will never leave the launch pad. --- Phil Mitsch

Remember to look for my Motivation Tips For September 2014 article in about four weeks.


Phil Mitsch

Agents’ Note: Phil Mitsch is America’s leading economic recovery, real estate, lending and motivational coach. He is also the real estate industry’s all time, top producing residential Realtor. His 1) biography, 2) testimonials, 3) seminar topics, 4) books, 5) videos, 6) audios, 7) economic recovery tips, 8) real estate tips, 9) lending tips and 10) motivational tips can be found at For further information, contact Phil Mitsch Enterprises in Cherry Hill, New Jersey at 856-665-6569, on Twitter at @philmitsch, or by email to

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