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Motivation from famous entertainers: Charlie Chaplin on benefits of laughter

Charlie Chaplin (1889 - 1977) knew how to make an impression during the days of silent movies. He was able to show true leadership by leading his audience to a place where he could capture the hearts and laughter of his audience.

More motivation and inspiratiion.
More motivation and inspiratiion.
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Motivation from famous entertainers: Charlie Chaplin talks about the benefits of laughter.
Motivation from famous entertainers: Charlie Chaplin talks about the benefits of laughter.
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Chaplin was not always a star. He grew up in poverty in London just before the World War I. Perhaps it was this upbringing that helped him relate to one of the most beloved characters of the silent screen: the tramp.

Chaplin helped found United Artists in 1919. It was there he was able to develop his character, public persona and infamous career.

Chaplin would point out when reflecting that comedy was an important part of everyday life.

“A day without laughter,” said Chaplin, “is __________.” Try to guess the end to this quote from the choices below.

  1. A day wasted.
  2. Like a day without orange juice.
  3. A very sad day.
  4. Destroys your self-esteem.

To see the correct ending to this Chaplin quote click here.

Unfortunately Chaplin’s career was cut short when he was accused of being a communist. He was not able to overcome the public sentiment and fear of socialism.

This is another installment of a series of quotes by famous entertainers. Some wonder how an entertainer can inspire someone trying to pursue a career or build a business. The truth is that entertainers must be shrewd businesspeople in order to manage their career, finances and public image. Short quotes from them often serve as an inspirational thought of the day.

Guillermo Williams of in Rochester Hills, Mich., recommends using motivational stories to help set a workplace culture of success.

“Motivational quotes are a great way to set a positive tone at the beginning of a week, workday or meeting,” says Williams. “By adding some information about the person being quoted you create credibility for the speaker and make the quote more impactful.”

This quote can be used for an individual’s daily reflection, preferably in the morning to get their attitude focused for the day. It also serves as an anecdote for employee training in the areas of:

  • Creative thinking.
  • Self-awareness.
  • Problem solving.

This series is based on a motivational series from and is used by permission.