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Motivation for Single Women with Children

I have heard horrible things about my generation. All it takes is one meeting amongst the baby boomers or perhaps the mothers of a church to discover discontentment. I have heard we dress like whores, we can't prepare meals from scratch, and we can't keep house in their terminology. However, it is time for me to add my own item to the list. I applaud my generation of women for moving on.

If you read my articles you know I am a country girl born and raised. The typical country woman is one strong lady. A country woman can know the full name of the mistress, be cognizant of an ongoing affair, and still escort her man everywhere with grace and dignity as if everything is cool. Country women just really love their men. Quite frankly, for a lot of them nothing will make them divorce especially when they think about their shattered pride and how they may be perceived by others. A husband is the pinnacle of success to the average country woman.

However, things are different in my generation we will divorce and move on. We move on regardless of having one, two, three or four children. Therefore, I have love for Evelyn Lozada, Kim Zolciak, Monica Arnold, and Denise Richards. All of these women went through tumultuous relationships but never lost faith. They kept their appearance together, held it down as single mothers, and ultimately lived to meet more suitable mates. Therefore, I have the upmost respect for them.

Our generation of women is an empowered one. We will not stay in relations and experience anything and everything. We will demand respect and give ultimatums if necessary. We have the strength and faith to know that if necessary we can make it alone. Our generation is not bound in fear, but we operate on faith. People say our generation is crazy for the decisions we make, but to their dismay those very decisions bring success.

If you are a single woman with children reading this article please understand that you can make it. Take advantage of the many resources that are readily available. Understand that in this big world there is a man that will love you and accept all of the blessings that come with you. Focus on your goals and the rest will fall in place.

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