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Motivation in Consumer behavior

There have been many different theories created surrounding personality in terms of consumer behavior. Early childhood experiences have a tremendous effect on a person’s personality and the way the eventually make their own purchasing decisions.

For instance if an individual grew up in a poverty stricken environment and neighborhood and was always told by their parents they could not afford what he/she desired, they might grow up and make very expensive purchases because they finally were able to make higher dollar purchases. There will always be individual differences and the right to decide on buy into a product and the advertising attached to it.

(Schiffman, 2010, p.121) said “Alfred Adler viewed human beings as seeking to attain various rational goals, which he called style of life. He also placed much emphasis on the individual’s efforts to overcome feelings of inferiority (i.e., by striving for superiority).”

A lot of people are impacted by the Neo-Freudian theory because they are strongly influenced to purchase products and services based on the recommendations they receive from family members and friends. Living in a society with so many other people and so many different cultures it is hard not to be swayed by the opinions of others.

Receiving their feedback, whether it’s good or bad feedback does have an impact on future purchases. Every generation from baby boomers to generation Y has a great amount of interests, wants, and desires that companies can take advantage of.

High school and college children for instance are very concerned with their appearance and the amount of acceptance they receive from their peers.

Marketers are full aware of this issue and take advantage of it with the fashion industry, gaming industry, and especially in terms of shoes.

What is interesting is that one of the most popular shoes for middle and high school students in 2013 was the various models of Michael Jordan tennis shoes. These shoes were also extremely popular 10 years ago while Michael Jordan has not played basketball professionally since 2001.

(Lin, 2011, p.225) stated “marketing staff can use the atmosphere created in the advertisement to give the products special meanings. In addition, consumers of this group value peer relationship very much. Hence, creating a theme that is recognized by peers can catch their attention which is a very important marketing start point.”

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