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Motion City Soundtrack returns to Connecticut October 6

MCS at Warped Tour Hartford July 2013
MCS at Warped Tour Hartford July 2013
Kathleen Creighton

Well known for their tireless touring it's no surprise that Motion City Soundtrack is at it again, this time opening for Bayside. The tour stops at Toad's on October 6th. Earlier this summer MCS gave Connecticut a taste of its upcoming album on Warped Tour, at which time their sixth album was still in the works. The first single, "Inside Out" , debuted on Warped but was not definitely marked to be the first single, dropped last week and is just as great in recorded form as it was live at The Comcast Music Theater back in July.

Having previously interviewed all the other members, it was a special treat to finally get to spend some time talking with frontman, Justin Pierre at Warped Tour. With album Number 6 in the works, one of the first questions I had for the primary lyricist of the band, "Do you ever worry you're going to run out of lyrics?" Pierre's response was surprising but also what you would kind of expect from the guy who wrote "The Future Freaks Me Out"

JP - "Almost every record I do get scared that I'll run out of lyrics. I freak out "I can't write. I can't write! I can't write!" The the other night spent like 6 hours in my bunk listening to demos and writing, writing, writing. I got two songs done so it was a very productive day. I have a direction now."

Taking it a step further, I asked Pierre about the MCS song writing process. He gave a look back and at the current creation.

JP - "A lot of times when we write the music happens. Sometimes songs will write themselves. but a lot of times I feel like I struggle till I figure out what I want to say or what it is that .."Go" (Epitaph release in 2012) is real specific. There's a lot of life and death stuff going on there. With this record I didn't know what I was doing. Now I do but I'm not going to tell you. With a direction I feel it's going to come together very quickly."

One of the little bits of trivia I know about Justin is that he was a film major in college. One of my favorite things he and former drummer Tony Thaxton used to do on Motion City's old blog was film critiques which were always wickedly intelligent and sharply sarcastic. So I asked Pierre if he'd ever go back to his movie roots.

JP - "I was making films out of my own pocket but now I'm waiting to go back to it when I can use someone else's money. Will I go back to it? I don't know. Right now I just enjoy being a fan of movies."

Following on the movie theme we talked about getting older. Justin says he wishes he could retain important facts as well as he retains trivia. We agreed that if he ever retires from music, combined with his love of films he could always apply for a job at iMdb.

But for now, MCS isn't going anywhere soon other than on the road for this new tour. So don't miss their stop at Toad's Place, Sunday night. Doors are at 6:30 and tickets are $17.50 on line and $21 at the door.

Motion City Soundtrack
oad's Place

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