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Motion City Soundtrack kicks off its nationwide tour

Motion City Soundtrack kicked off its month long tour across the country just this past Saturday at the acclaimed First Avenue, in Minneapolis. The band released its fourth studio album entitled My Dinosaur Life on Jan. 19th, just four days before the tour kick off. Motion City Soundtrack will be touring hard promoting its newest record all across the United States up until the end of February. Then the band will be headed overseas up until the end of March.

Jesse Johnson and Justin Pierre
Jesse Johnson and Justin Pierre
Motion City Soundtrack's front man, Justin Pierre
Photo by Joe Lemke

Accompanying Motion City Soundtrack on this tour are The Swellers, This Providence and Set Your Goals. With a line up of such young talent, the tour will indeed make it an interesting one. Motion City Soundtrack, having been around for over 10 years, has built quite the following and bringing along these young bands will open new doors for everyone.

The Swellers opened the show and the hundreds of packed teens could not resist. They heavily enjoyed the band from Flint, Michigan. The Swellers were in Minneapolis not so long ago when they opened for Less Than Jake. They were just recently signed by the power house record label Fueled By Ramen, joining the likes of Gym Class Heroes, The Cab and Paramore. Keep a look out for this up and coming sensation.

Up next was This Providence and to my surprise was a highly anticipated act. I had some free time before the show and went around interviewing people, they were very excited for the band and an alarming amount of concert goers were just as excited to see This Providence as they were to see Motion City Soundtrack. So, needless to say the bar was set high for my expectations of this rock quartet. As they hit the stage the crowd was ecstatic and were receptive to their explosive sound. The highlight of their set I must say was when local heart-throb Pat Brown, front man of Sing It Loud, joined the guys on stage singing along to the song "waste myself".

Set Your Goals then took the stage. They were by far the heaviest sounding of bands on the roster. They are signed to Epitaph Records, which happens to be the label that Motion City Soundtrack was signed on prior to Columbia Records. Set Your Goals was entertaining with its heavy drumming and its two vocalists belching out the choruses.

The crowd was more than anticipatory to say the least. Motion City Soundtrack has not played a show in their hometown for over a year. The sold out show demonstrated how much its fans have been waiting for this. Motion City Soundtrack took the stage and kicked off the show right away with some new tunes off their latest album. To start out they played one of their singles off My Dinosaur Life  and members of the band threw out multi-colored kazoos so that the crowd could play along to the song "Her Life Destroyed My Planet".

While playing many new songs off their latest record, Motion City Soundtrack did a great job incorporating many hit songs from their previous albums too. Having four hit albums, there is never enough time in the day to play them all. Motion City Soundtrack did play an encore. The encore consisted mainly of singles off their first album I Am The Movie. Motion City Soundtrack wrapped up the show with the beloved anthem "The Future Freaks Me Out". They ended the night with the whole crowd belching out the lyrics which is always a great way to go out.

The concert, needless to say, was nothing short of spectacular. To top it all off, Motion City Soundtrack also got their first star on the "Wall of Fame" at the acclaimed First Avenue just hours before the show. That night, everyone that attended the show was a part of the band's history.

Be sure to check out Motion City Soundtrack's website for tour updates and their tour schedule as they could be headed towards a city near you.

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