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Mothers Day 2014

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Mothers are special women who have many titles and job descriptions, mothers also have a very special quality about them that make them the caring, nurturing, loving woman that qualifies them as a mother.

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When God made woman, he made her from one of the ribs out of Adam and formed Eve who Adam called mother because she was the mother of all living. ( Genesis 3:20 ).

In Luke 1:48, Mary the mother of Jesus is called blessed because Jesus was chosen to be born of Mary and because Jesus would grow up, be crucified on a cross, die, rise on the third day, ascend to heaven to become the Lord and Savior of all humanity.

Eve and Mary were two very special mothers whose name, qualities and mere presents brought about and changed the future of all humanity.

In todays society a mother who stays home and take care of children and keeps the house in order don't mean that, that a stay at home mom does not work or deserve to be recognized as someone who don't have a job.

A stay at home mother have many roles, titles, and has to preform and multitask many jobs such as seamstress, accountant, secretary, nurse, and caretaker just to mention a few.

A mother is like a centerpiece on a table, the glue that holds things together, or like a foundation where a house is built upon.

Mothers Day is one day out of the year that mothers are praised, pampered, and recognized for being that special person who changed our dirty dippers, washed our dirty clothes, cleaned our dirty bodies, made sure our bodies was dressed, fed our hungry stomachs, doctored all our little boo-boos, made sure we got to school on time and our homework was done was among many, many other different type things a mother does for her children as they grew up and become a mother or father themself.

During your day to day busy daily life try to think of your mother and remember to treat her with respect, love her, and treat her like shes your mother not your enemy.

So try to make every day a special mothers day because she deserves it.