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See also: uses triple murder-suicide to attack political opponents

Psychological profiles for violent and fanatical people have shown for quite some time that their heinous actions do not originate from any specific political or philosophical viewpoint, but rather politics and idealism are often used as the mechanism by which these psychopaths rationalize their behavior. For example, Jared Loughner, alleged shooter of congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords, was said to be fanatically "left wing" while alleged shooters in last Sunday's murder of two police officers, Jerad and Amanda Miller, are said to be "right wing."

Rather than acknowledging this reality of human psychology, however, chose to sensationalize the murders of innocents, using it as an excuse for a political anti-gun hit piece before the bodies have even been buried. The article, written by David Corn, adds nothing substantive to the tragic story, but rather is little more than a raffling off of "facebook page likes" and "liked" YouTube videos by the couple, the overly transparent implication being that these internet sources bear some responsibility in the murders. Also a major point of focus in the article is Jerad Miller's involvement in the recent "Bundy ranch standoff" between the federal bureau of land management, and property rights supporters. Although David Corn himself acknowledges that the protesters at the Bundy ranch specifically asked Miller to leave due to his convicted felon status, the article continues to steamroll toward guilt by association between Bundy ranch supporters and Miller. Sadly, the article reads more like gossip between classmates than actual journalism.

The ghoulishness of such propaganda is likely a major factor in the mass exodus of news consumers from pseudo-liberal establishment advertisers like, the Huffington post, and MSNBC. It is becoming increasingly difficult for many Americans to take seriously the presumed compassion and pacifism of so called liberals, when they have largely become not only indistinguishable from their "opponents" on the so called right, but also entirely interchangeable with them. Obama's first term seemed to represent the final nail in the coffin of the neo-liberal anti-war movement, and his second term seems to largely represent the end of even superficial liberal-mindedness, with the majority of establishment liberals not only identical to the right in political results but now in political tone as well.

Many conscious Americans are reaching the reluctant conclusion that a great psychological trick has been played upon the nation, one which robs nearly every well meaning liberal minded person of their compassion through the process of political expediency. Through economic, political and social obligation, the military industrial complex has managed to turn liberals into nothing more than "conservatives-lite," or as Neil Young once prophesied, a "kinder gentler machine gun hand."

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