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Mother Wit Chap Oscar Shares

A Mother's Wit Works!
A Mother's Wit Works!
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As you now have come to know about Chap Oscar over the many years of presenting this column I am not at all into chasing headlines but this is one that caught my attention as it was shared by none other than another person from Strong Island, NY. Flava Flav's mother Ms. Anna Drayton may you RIP. Here was her straight to the point advice " When you go out you do your do's and you know your don'ts. Do your do's and leave your don'ts alone. Now this is pure mother wisdom would you agree?

Thank you for being such loyal Supporters of this work. Congratulations to my Examiner Family as we have now expanded our global coverage. As a Charter Examiner this gives me an opportunity to write more exciting Feature Stories.

Please take time and submit to me some issues you feel need some special attention. Chap Oscar is and will always be a big fan of Home and Life Safety issues.

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