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Mother who killed seven infants hid bodies in her garage

A Utah woman was arrested by police officers on Sunday in Pleasant Grove, Utah, about a half-hour's drive from Salt Lake City, when the dead remains of seven babies were discovered being stored in separate boxes in the suspect's garage, according to investigators.

A quiet Utah neighborhood was shocked to discover the horrible secret of one of their neighbors.
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The 39-year-old alleged mother of the deceased infants, Megan Huntsman, is charged by police with murdering her babies after their delivery within a ten-year span, between 1996 and 2006, detectives said on their department's Facebook website.

Huntsman was immediately taken to the Utah County Jail and was booked on six counts of murder. Police declined to say why they didn't charge her with seven counts since there were seven bodies.

Detectives claimed they are still puzzled about how the suspect was able to murder her own children without family members, friends or neighbors becoming suspicious.

"Huntsman is a serial killer apparently living a normal life, but there must have been some 'red flags' about her pregnancies and then no children living with her. Her first victim would be about 17-years-old if he or she lived," said former Det. Sgt. Daniel Walsh, a 30-year veteran homicide investigator.

According to police, the suspect's husband was the person who discovered the babies' remains when he came to clean out the suspect's garage after he was released from state prison. He is not suspected by police of any wrongdoing in the case as yet.

It was the suspect's ex-convict husband, Darren West, who telephoned the police when he found body of one of dead infants hidden in a box. The police officers responding to West's call searched the garage and found a total of seven dead infants' bodies.

West had been in a Utah prison on drug-related charges and police believe West and Huntsman were together when the babies were born.

The babies' remains were taken to the Utah medical examiner's office for forensic tests and autopsies. DNA will also be compared to that of both the suspect and her husband.

According to police, Huntsman did have three living daughters who resided with the suspect at her house.

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