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Mother unaware son dead until odor of decomposing body filled house: Boy was 8

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A Pennsylvania mother told police that she had no idea that her eight-year-old son was dead until she smelled the child’s decomposing body. She said that the boy was severely mentally disabled and stayed on the third floor of their home. Her husband was the main care-taker of their son, according to reports on Yahoo News August 2.

Kimberly Tutko said that she cared for their disabled daughter and her husband cared for their son. The husband, Jarrod Tutko, 38, said he didn’t tell his wife that their son had died because he didn’t want to upset the couple’s other five children in the house. The children were placed in protective custody after police were called to the home.

Kimberly agreed to be interviewed by WHIP-TV, CBS Local News in Harrisburg, but only under the terms that her face be concealed. She said that she really didn’t know that their son was dead until the smell seeped through the house.

People are “picking on her” saying that she is a bad mother, but she insists their normal routine is for the father to care for their son who was severely mentally disabled and autistic. Their son was so hard to control, that her husband took that task over.

Their son, Jarrod Tutko Jr. was dead for several days before the father informed the mother the boy had died. He didn’t have a choice as the odor was overtaking the house and he finally did tell his wife. When police were called to the house on Friday they found the boy’s body upstairs in a third floor bedroom.

The mother said the dead boy had to be kept away from the other children because of his disruptive behavior, so he was kept in the third floor bedroom. The child would rip up the floor and carpeting. She said he refused to wear diapers and he would smear feces all over the place.

The husband was arrested on Saturday and charged with child endangerment, concealing the death of a child and abuse of a corpse. The cause of death for this child is not known, but an autopsy should supply answers to some of the questions coming from law enforcement today.