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Mother throws baby and toddler out the window then jumps, found lying on ground

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A 30-year-old woman threw her toddler and her baby out the window and then she followed, which was discovered by a family member who looked out the open window seeing the three on the ground. The children and the mother are in critical condition in an area hospital with head injuries after their mother tossed them out the second story window, according to MSN News on June 13.

The Las Vegas police said that the mother could face attempted murder charges for throwing the children who are both younger than two-years-old, out the window of their home. Police responded to a middle-class Las Vegas neighborhood in the northeast section of town a little before 6 a.m. on Thursday after receiving a 911 call.

The Mail Online today is calling this a "murder-suicide" attempt. The family of the mother reports that the woman was suffering from depression recently. The woman's six-month-old son is in critical condition and her one-year-old daughter is listed in "extremely critical condition" today. The mother has injured her spine in this fall.

A family member forced opened a locked door to a room in the house and once in they went to the open window and they saw the mother and the two babies on the ground below. The mother's motive for doing this is not known, as all three are still in the hospital today.

One of the neighbors who didn't know them very well described them as a family who looked happy. The husband and wife had three children and nothing is known about where the third child was when this incident took place.

This sad case is all too familiar, a mother who is battling depression sees no way out and tries to kill herself and her kids. This is news that hits the headlines too often, as back in January a young mother killed herself and her two kids in Florida. In this case her kids were teenagers. The woman, Jennifer Berman, shot her two teens then turned the gun on herself. She had become depressed and "unhinged" under life's pressures, according to the New York Post in an archived article from January.

Around the same time at the mother in Florida killed herself and her kids, a mother in Utah did the same thing. The New York Daily News reports back in January, a woman depressed over the breakup with her fiancee, she shot and killed her two young daughters and then herself. Kyler Ann Ramsdell-Olivia, 32, killed Kenadee, 13, and Isabella Olivia, 7, just one day after the breakup. This is another mother-child murder-suicide among the many in recent months.

Last year a mother in NYC jumped out a window in her eighth floor apartment holding her infant in her arms. This was another murder-suicide attempt with a mother and a child. In this incident the baby lived, the mother's body somehow acted like a cushion and broke the baby's fall. The child was in critical condition at the time, according to MSN.