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Carol Coronado, 30, allegedly kills 3 kids: Mom found naked sitting with bodies

Carol Coronado called her mother earlier in the day and said she felt like she was going “crazy.” Hours later she was taken out of the house in handcuffs after her three daughters were discovered dead. The three little girls, the oldest being only three, were found in a pool of blood on a bed in their home, according to ABC News on May 21.

Mother kills three small kids, all under the age of 3. Grandmother finds mother on a bed with her daughters all in a pool of blood. Mother still had knife in her hand, she was arrested on suspicion of murder.
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Police arrived at the Los Angeles suburb home responding to a 911 call made from the residence. Officers were met by family members who said that Coronado had killed her three daughters, ages three, two and two-months old. Coronado was taken out of the house naked, with a blanket wrapped around her blood splattered body and put into an ambulance.

Her mother, who was the children’s grandmother, directed the police into the home where she had found the bodies of her little granddaughters, reports Homicide Detective Lt. Dave Coleman of the Los Angeles Sherriff’s Department. The police found the children’s lifeless bodies on a blood-soaked bed, according to the Los Angeles Times today. The children were pronounced dead at the scene.

Ashley Madrid, who is a neighbor of the Coronado family, said that Carol’s mother said that she found her daughter lying on the bed with the children trying to cut her wrists with a kitchen knife.

Neighbors said the father of the children was working on a car across the street from the home when his mother-in-law discovered the dead children. They said when the police brought him out of the house he was crying saying “she killed my daughters.”

Carol Coronado was taken to the hospital for an examination then taken to the Sheriff’s Office in Carson and booked on suspicion of murder. She didn’t make any statement to the police.

Coronado's mother told the neighbor that she had just stopped in to visit her granddaughters that morning. After the call she got from her daughter saying she felt like she is going "crazy," it is quite possible the mother was concerned and stopped by to check on things.

Sadly, the mother walked into one of the most heartbreaking scenes imaginable. The investigation into this case is still on-going today.

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