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Mother, son drive into sinkhole: Truck drives over top of their car

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A drive down a dark road in the wee hours of the morning landed a mother and a son deep inside a sinkhole. While the mother is on the phone with the 911 dispatcher, a pickup truck came along and drove right over the car. As “Fox and Friends” live suggest on Friday July 4, you can hear the terror in the mother’s voice while she's speaking to the 911 operator.

According to ABC News, the car that the mother and son were driving in was completely submerged in this huge and deep sinkhole that opened up on a rural road in Kane County, Illinois. Junita Pineda, 41, was very concerned about her son, who was injured when the car dropped into the sinkhole.

It was in the wee hours of the morning, around 4 a.m., when Pineda’s Ford Taurus was swallowed by the 10-foot wide hole in the road. ABC Chicago reports that the mother and son were out delivering newspapers at that hour of the morning.

As she is talking with the 911 operator, you can hear the terror in her voice. It’s dark, early in the morning and the mother and son are now “underground,” which is how Pineda described her location for the dispatcher. Her son was hurt and she knew this and her concern for his well-being took priority for the mom who was requesting help for her son, 15-year-old Benjamin Hernandez.

Then you hear the woman sound as if she was startled, saying that another car just drove over them. A man driving a pickup truck didn’t see the hole and drove over the top of Pineda’s car. You can hear her talking to the driver on the 911 call.

Apparently he got out of the car to see what he had just driven over and he is heard asking Pineda if she is alright. It took crews about 10 minutes to remove the mother and son from the sinkhole.

Other than being shaken over the ordeal, the mom is not injured. Her teen son suffered broken ribs and he is in the hospital being treated for his injuries and is expected to make a full recovery.