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Mother shoots, kills 2 young daughters and then herself in Utah murder-suicide

The tragedy occurred just one day after the mother’s fiancé moved out of the house.
The tragedy occurred just one day after the mother’s fiancé moved out of the house.
Kyler Ramsdell-Oliva/Facebook

Kyler Ann Ramsdell-Oliva, a seemingly popular and well-loved 32-year-old mother who had recently moved into a new home in Syracuse, Utah, shot and killed her two beautiful young daughters, Isabella, 7, and Kenadee, 13, and then shot herself to death at approximately 6 p.m. on Tuesday, Jan. 14.

The unthinkable murder-suicide took place only one day after police supervised Kyler’s former fiancé’s move out of the Syracuse home he once shared with the Oliva girls, according to The Daily News.

Kyler and her daughters had only lived in the house for three months before their untimely deaths. Thirteen-year-old Kenadee had just started eighth grade at the local junior high school where she only got to attend one day at her new school.

Seven-year-old Isabella only had the opportunity to attend about one week in the first grade at her new school.

The fiancé was actually right outside of the home with his U-Haul truck when the deadly shots rang out.

The police reportedly, “quickly ruled the man out as a suspect.” Police are not offering any motive as to why Kyler shot and killed her two young daughters and then turned the gun on herself.

“It’s considered a murder-suicide, so there are no suspects at large. We’ve spoken to the fiancé (and) we’ve spoken to the family. … And that’s when we came to the conclusion it was a murder-suicide,” - Syracuse Police Officer Erin Behm

Kyler Ann Ramsdell-Oliva’s Facebook page contains numerous messages from friends that are heartbroken, confused, and even angry at why the young Utah mom felt it necessary to take her life and the lives of her two children.

One Facebook friend wrote:

… my heart is so heavy!!! We just talked last week about getting together for coffee! You assured me everything was okay I'm both angry with you and very sad that you felt that they only way to make it through your pain was to take not only your life but the lives of those beautiful and ever so talented girls! May you find some sort of peace.

Kyler’s final and eerie Facebook status update was penned on Jan. 9:

There are always 2 sides to every story, the next time you judge someone else's reality remember that you don't see through their eyes and you don't walk in their shoes. I hate people who feel its their right to come in the middle of a relationship and try to fix it or give their opinion. You aren't in that relationship for a reason so don't put yourself in between it. Focus on your own life and your own problems.

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