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Mother's tea cup: True fruit iced teas part two

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To my endearing fans, Mother’s tea cup is taking a break, and will be back in December. So, enjoy the contents of this article. I’m doing an expose concerning Daddy’s fate when he entered a nursing home and their use of dangerous drugs. In other words, the use of dangerous drugs (documented) led to Daddy’s death, despite his age. His age was only a cover-up!

In part one, true fruit iced teas are a great replacement for sugary and/or diet sodas. By drinking iced teas, one is reducing one’s sugar content in one’s system, while helping one fight infections, since bacteria thrive in sugar.

The following are more true fruit iced teas:

True Fruit Wild Strawberry: This tea has a wonderful tint of scarlet with a delicate flavor. Wild strawberry is a body tonic with iron to build blood. It’s a great energizer and cleanser with citric acids, pectin, vitamins B, C, E and minerals.

True Fruit Hawthorn Berry: The hawthorn berry is a symbol for hope and joy in Greece. It has been traditionally considered a heart tonic and circulatory stimulant. It improves oxygen uptake, which helps to regulate one’s heart and stabilize blood pressure. It’s abundant in nutrients, including vitamins C, A, B-complex, silicon, iron, selenium, and potassium.

True Fruit Rose Hips: This is a vibrant amber-red brew. Rose hips tea is a true healer for everything from skin hydration to the cells of one’s innermost being. It’s an antiaging tonic and aphrodisiac with lots of vitamins and minerals to fight fatigue and provide more vitality.

Suggestion: For those special occasions, one can make ice cubes with tea, which adds an extra herbal flavor to one’s drink right from the ice cube. Try lemon balm ice cubes for flavor and synergy in any tea.

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