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Mother's tea cup: The slimmin teas

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This article is an introduction to the new column, “Mother’s Tea Cup.” This column will temporarily replace, “In memory of Mother,” for now. Articles for Mother’s Tea Cup will be posted on Sunday and Thursday, throughout the summer.

Mother loved her tea. She drank tea in the morning, afternoon, and evening. It was a simple pleasure she looked forward to. I always remember Mother every time I drink a cup of tea.

From dabbling into my own research, I’ve discovered so many wonderful benefits that tea can provide. It’s just a matter of understanding which tea offers which health benefit(s).

For starters, herbal teas can do so much to improve one’s health, as well as provide a natural way to help one lose excess weight.

Over the summer, I will write an article about each of the following teas that are known for helping one to slim down:

Alfalfa, bladderwrack, dandelion, marigold, oatstraw, papaya, raspberry, rosemary, sage, sweet treat teas and yerba mate.

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