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Mother's tea cup: Saw palmetto for aiding weight loss

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This is the last of the series of herbal teas that are known for helping one to lose weight.

Saw palmetto is a native of eastern North America. It has long, slender leaves that form a fan-shaped design on the stem. Its berries are black with pale brown pulp. This amazing herb cleanses and strengthens one’s glandular tissues, and helps to regulate hormone balance in both sexes.

In addition, saw palmetto improves digestion and vitality, and has a long history of use as a treatment for diseases of malnourishment.

When it comes to weight loss, saw palmetto contains the enzyme “lipase” that breaks down fats. It can be helpful in the treatment of obesity and overweight.

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The most enjoyable way to make a good cup of tea is by the infusion method. Place one tea bag in a cup and add no more than 6 oz of boiling water. Let it steep for 3 minutes. Press the bag before removing to enhance the flavor.
Then add a sweetener to spruce up the taste.

When it comes to adding a sweetener to any of the herbal teas I consume, I prefer using either the organic blue agave from Wholesome Sweetener because of its unusual taste and its rich amber color, or Acacia Himalayan Organic Raw Honey from Heavenly Organics for its mild fruity taste.

The Acacia Himalayan Organic Raw Honey is produced in an isolated valley of the Himalayan Mountains in the Kashmir region of India.

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