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Mother's tea cup: Rosemary for aiding weight loss

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There are many varieties of rosemary with different shapes and growth patterns, but when it comes to shades of blue, rosemary blooms in spectacular hues, from true blue to rosy blue, with the exception of one white-flowering variety.

The official plant is a woody shrub that grows from three to six feet tall, with shiny, narrow leaves that are dark green above and soft gray below. It blooms in spring and sometimes fall with lavender-blue flowers that fill the air with a fragrance like sweet pine.

Obviously, rosemary has enchanted poets and historians for centuries. It has a long history of medicinal use, for cooking, symbolic blessings, and aromatherapy in gardens around the world.

Rosemary tea helps to improve the digestion of fats, and keeps wastes from accumulating, including cellulite deposits.

When it comes to making a tea, one can purchase a bag of rosemary leaves at Take one teaspoon of the leaves and place it in an infuser. Let it steep in hot water for 8 minutes. Be sure to cover it.

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