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Mother's tea cup: Relieving sunburn part two

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In part one, attention was given to using the aloe vera as a method to relieve sun burn. The other herbs also known for helping to relieve the pain from a sun burn are chamomile and wild strawberry.

Chamomile was one of the nine sacred herbs of the Saxons, who called it “maythen.” Its name comes from the Greek “chamai” which means “on the ground” and “melon” for “ground apple” after its fragrance. Besides chamomile being a great herbal tea for easing one’s aches and to give one a mellow feeling to lull one to sleep, it’s the ideal tea to throw off stress and wind down at night. Yet, amazingly, on one’s skin it can be used as an antiseptic and antibacterial for a skin wash or burn bath, since it takes away the pain to help one sleep. One will need 2 to 4 bags of tea water to put in one’s bath to help with the pain of a sun burn. In addition, chamomile will help relax tension in one’s muscles and soften one’s skin.

The other herb, “wild strawberry,” is a member of the rose family and a northern hemisphere native, wild strawberry is often called, “Alpine Strawberry,” for its home in the Alps. It has light green leaves with deep seams and scalloped edges, and it produces a delicate cone-shaped scarlet berry dotted with tiny brown seeds. The leaves and berries are often separated for teas, so one needs to check one’s box of tea to see if it contains the leaves or dried berries.

When it comes to one’s skin, the berries are used. The berries of the wild strawberry are recommended as a remedy for eczema. This tea is used in a bath to help take the redness from a sun burn.

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