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Mother's tea cup: Relieving sunburn part one

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Everyone likes to get outside during the summer. Some frolic to the beach, while others may enjoy participating in outside sports like golf and tennis. Yet, no one wants to be the recipient of getting a sun burn. But, when it happens, there are three known herbs that may help. These herbs are aloe, chamomile, and wild strawberry.

There are more than 200 species of perennial aloe, but only aloe vera is considered the true aloe. True aloe produces a yellowish juice that will seep out when a leaf is cut. There is an American version of aloe called, “agaves,” which are not true aloes and are not used medicinally.

True aloes need two to three years to produce their juice, so when buying an aloe vera plant look for a mature plant with spiny teeth running along the edges of the leaves.

The colors of aloe juices differ, according to the locations where the plants are grown and the methods used to extract the juice. Both the gel and juice come from the aloe’s leaves.

Aloe gel is an emollient that helps skin retain its moisture. It has been called, “Nature’s Best Moisturizer.” In Ancient Egypt, aloe was regarded as a religious plant, and it is said Cleopatra used its gel to protect her skin from the damaging effects of the hot Egyptian sun.

When one accidentally becomes sunburn, since no one does this intentionally, the following is a recipe for an aloe sunburn bath:

Make 2 – 4 bags of aloe tea and pour the tea into a cool bath. Soak in the aloe to take out the stink, it activates the healing process and prevents moisture loss from one’s skin.

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