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Mother's tea cup: Gingko, rosemary and wood betany may reduce cellulite part 5

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Gingko is a 200-million-year-old tree from the age of the dinosaurs and the oldest living tree. It’s known for its odd scent, double-lobed leaves, and small round fruits that ripen to an apricot color. The leaves of this enduring tree have some remarkable properties that provide healthy endurance for people.

Blood circulation is the source of nourishment for every process in one’s body form the smallest cells, capillaries, arteries, and veins, to bones, muscles, organs, and the largest organ…skin. When one’s circulation is blocked or hampered in its flow, it can lead to many problems including cellulite. Gingko is known for helping with blood circulation.

There are many varieties of rosemary with different shapes and growth patterns, but when it comes to shades of blue, rosemary blooms in spectacular hues, from true blue to rosy blue, with the exception of one white-flowering variety. Rosemary is native to the shores of the Mediterranean, France, and Spain, and grows on rocky hills overlooking the sea, sending its piney perfume on the wind to sailing ships. The sheen on its leaves, damp with morning mist, led to its name, “Dew of the Sea.”

Rosemary improves the digestion of fats, and keeps wastes from accumulating, including cellulite deposits.

The last herb to mention in this series concerning cellulite is wood betany. It grows wild in shady woods. Wood betany has tall, hairy stems; rough, fringed leaves, and pink to purple flowers with white spots that bloom in whorls from short spikes. This herb is known for helping with circulation.

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