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Mother's tea cup: Dandelion leaves for aiding in weight loss

Mother knew what was best!
Mother knew what was best!family album

This persistent lawn flower is thought of as an annoying weed to many grass lovers and, of course, they get rid of it. However, this medicinal plant is packed with nutrients, including vtamins A, B, C, D; iron; and lots of potassium.

Dandelion leaves are a safe and healthy diuretic, because of their potassium content. Most diuretics cause one’s body to lose potassium, but dandelion leaves restore it. This unique property makes dandelion leaves the herbal remedy for water retention in extremities such as hands, fingers, feet, ankles, and calves. One may drink their dandelion tea cool or iced.

Dandelion helps to promote good digestion and elimination, which are important factors for weight control.

For making this tea, one needs a teaspoon of dandelion leaves to one cup of boiling water. Let it steep for three or four minutes. Add your own sweetener and enjoy!

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