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Mother's tea cup: Dandelion, dong quai and gotu kola may help with cellulite p.3

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According to reference, there are nine herbal teas that can help reduce cellulite, which are dandelion, dong quai, ginkgo, gotu kola, hawthorn, nettle, rose hips, rosemary and wood betony. In this article, dandelion, dong quai, and ginkgo will be covered.

Dandelion is the little plant that roars! The leaves of the dandelion are a safe and healthy diuretic, because of their potassium content. Most diuretics cause one’s body to lose potassium and that’s why a diuretic should not be used when trying to eliminate cellulite. But, when it comes to the dandelion, this herb helps to restore it!

Dong quai is known as the supreme woman’s root. It is a vital energy tonic with a high level nutrition that builds “Chi” energy to strengthen the vital life force. It can “move” stagnated body fluids and redistribute the fluids throughout the body for more balance and harmony in the whole body system. It has a very special ability to penetrating small, thin passageways to remove stagnation.

Gotu Kola is known as the secret of perpetual youth, because it has the ability to balance hormones. It stimulates the pituitary gland and thyroid. This amazing herb improves circulation, even for those who are inactive or confined to a bed. Imagine what it will do for those who are active!

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