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Mother's tea cup: Certain herbal teas may help to reduce cellulite part two

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As mentioned in part one, I admitted to eating a poor diet, due to work-related stress, as well as home life. Of course, when I came home from work, I had another job to perform, one of being a mother of three and the wife of a military man. That being said, I didn’t bother about exercise. Hey, I was lucky I made it home.

Medical professionals state that a sedentary lifestyle is often a common and effective cause of cellulite. Any lack of exercise, restricts good blood circulation around all parts of one’s body, hence while one continues to move one’s arms and upper body, one’s hips and legs remain stuck in one position. With low blood flow in those areas, wasteful toxins and fat deposits are not washed away and constantly accumulate and begin to show.

WOW! It’s like one day when one puts on a pair of shorts one quickly changes one’s mind. At least, that’s what happened to me. I wear capris or pedal pushers. I got desperate, so I purchased one of those cellulite machines and it was mighty expensive. Did it work? Not, really.

No, what I need to do is get off my rear and exercise and start drinking some herbal tea that is known for helping to remove cellulite. Of course, I need to watch what I eat, too.

Well, folks, I’ve been doing exactly that! My husband and I purchased a well-made elliptical glider. Now, if anything is going to work my butt and legs, it’s that thing.

In part three, I will discuss the nine herbal teas known for helping with cellulite deposits.

Herbal teas can be purchased online at Use this coupon code, BER298, and save $5.00 or $10.00 at checkout.

Or, one can purchased herbal teas in the Hampton Roads’ area at the Kindred Spirit located at 2354 E. Little Creek Road.

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