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Mother's tea cup: Certain herbal teas may help to reduce cellulite part one

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When it comes to cellulite, a significant cause of its formation is diet. One’s diet always affects the shape and state of one’s body. Consuming foods high in fat, carbohydrates, sodium, and low in fiber, are prone to developing adipose tissue lining one’s skin causing cellulite.

At the present time, I’m involved in learning more about herbal teas and which ones can help diminish cellulite. If you are like me, the stress of work and home are sometimes a lot to handle. I know that I ate food that was not good for me and more of it than I should have, like picking up a family meal at a fast food restaurant, so I wouldn’t have to cook. Now, I’m putting things into perspective and knowing that there is always a way to fix things and that requires knowledge. Knowledge they may have been buried about the medicinal effects of natural herbs, due to drug manufacturers not able to get patents and make their billions on natural remedy products. As one knows, you cannot get a patent on Mother Nature.

So, information about herbs and teas has been kept hidden in a closet like a deep, dark secret, and is just beginning to come out and be known. This knowledge certainly helps the average person, because herbs and teas are inexpensive, if used correctly.

Therefore, when it comes to cellulite, how does one know an herbal tea does not work? That’s because, we don’t! Medical professionals are not absolutely sure what causes cellulite and they’ll admit it. So, maybe someone knew something years ago about specific teas that would help.

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