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Mother's Korean Grill : Don't order the stew

Mother's Korean Grill 4215 Spring Mountain Rd #107 Las Vegas, NV 89102 (702) 579-4745
Mother's Korean Grill 4215 Spring Mountain Rd #107 Las Vegas, NV 89102 (702) 579-4745

After my experience at Mother's Korean Grill located at 4215 Spring Mountain Rd, one wonders how the business is still able to open its doors. The entire experience was unsavory. Where to begin.

The menu is limited to select items, all of which are overpriced. In the mood to try the one most expensive dishes, I opted for a stew which cost $49.95. Surely for such a price one would receive a bombardment of taste and flavor, in such abundance.

The serving station which produced a flame was archaic, and malfunctioned multiple times. Throughout the meal the clumsy servers fumbled with the switch, bending over our table, putting their elbows in close proximity to faces. It certainly did not add anything to the already lacking ambiance, although the tables which had grills built into them seemed to be working properly. Our chairs could have been bought out of a catalog in 1982.

The stew was placed in a pot atop the flame, with 6 small bowls placed on the side containing a variety of pickled vegetables. Frankly the vegetables, which were in limited samples quantities, were better than the stew. The stew had a taste and texture more in tune with a boiled dinner. Perhaps a boiled dinner and half a bottle of oyster sauce? The stew contained limp greens, with meat that had clearly been added after the stew was cooked. It appeared to be boiled cube steak, in clumps. It was fatty and nearly flavorless. It tasted the way one would imagine cube steak would taste if boiled in water for an hour. There was, maybe, 12 ounces of meat in the stew. For $50. This was wholly unsatisfactory. However, 10 minutes after being served, a server came to our table with a pair of grainy and gritty scissors and offered to 'cut' our meat. I was unsure as to what service was being offered. "Cut meat with scissors? Is this part of the $50 that I am paying for this $5 stew?", I thought to myself. Alright, cut away then. The server dipped the scissors into the stew and began to cut. Slashing about. No gloves were worn. She then abruptly stopped and asks if anything else was required all the while the scissors are dripping over the table.

A few more minutes pass and a different server sees I am attempting to ladle some stew from the steel pot, and rushes over to offer assistance! I had shown no signs of ineptness, but I determined that I may was well attempt to extract some value from the high cost and low quality of the meal through service. I yielded the ladle to the eager professional who then promptly dipped the ladle, lifted it, gently guided it towards my bowl, and proceeded to miss the bowl and ladle the stew onto the table. The server then made no attempt to clean up the spilled stew, after taking the label out of my hand to demonstrate how to properly serve the stew. I made no effort to clean the spill either, and rather left it there happily knowing the mess was not mine to clean. These shysters have already stuck me for $50 on a stew that tasted like it could have been cooked under a bridge, over an open fire, in a re-purposed trashcan with water acquired from a lake with a bucket. Now I am expected to clean up the messes of their employee who made the mess serving a stew that was already a disaster? I had enough, paid the bill, and left.

I would imagine Mother's Korean Grill actually had around $3-5 in the base cost of this meal. How they charge such an absurd price is a wonderment. Perhaps they are taking advantage of the statistical likelihood of customers being curious about how wildly enjoyable a stew must be if the price is so steep! That is exactly what happened to me, proving that cost is not indicative of comparable value or taste.

Given this experience I am uninterested in revisiting this establishment, and while their other items may have a possibility of being delectable I will not be returning.

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