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Mother's Day: What is a power mom?

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As I researched and interviewed, what exactly is this power mom, the new term that describes the Mom that does everything? A Mom that is running frantically through life is not the Mom that I am talking about. But power moms are creative and they work at choosing careers if they have to work and help raise a family.

Positions such as real estate, writing, editing, graphic design and even health care works for them with a family. Home health can offer an income with the hours that can be adjustable. Obtaining a bachelors and then masters degree may offer a higher salary and the ability to teach online which gives them a better opportunity to be there for their children. Many are also becoming consultants that can add flexibility to their lifestyle. Some are artists that paint, design jewelry, floral arrangements and sell using the Internet as their marketing resource.

However, power moms are not about, should I choose children over a career, should I jump into this business or that one, should I be the next Martha Stewart? Power moms are solely defined by their character and virtue. It is about who they are:

Are they empathetic to their family, friends and co-workers all at the same time?

Do they have the courage to stand up for their beliefs at work and in the home?

Are they honest when it comes to evaluation and teaching the habits of good behavior?

Are they loyal to those they support and love?

Are they accountable for their own actions?

Do they respect the differences of others?

Are they loving, consistent and grateful?

That’s power, none the less! But for those that just aren’t quite perfect, say a prayer for blessings, grace and a thank you for trying. For those that can say yes to all of the above, a very special accomplishment to you worth cherishing.

Happy Mother.s Day to all!

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