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Mother's Day Tips: How to teach conflict resolution to your children

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Mother’s Day is a celebration of motherhood and all that it entails. A mother is the first person who teaches you to love. She nurtures, protects, and cares for you in ways that no other person on this earth ever will. Mothers also teach you how to resolved conflicts, and whatever she teaches you will stay with you into adulthood.

If you are a mother, here are some tips on how best to teach your children how to resolve the conflicts in their lives:

-Never run from conflict. If your children see you locking yourself in the bathroom every time there is a conflict, they will learn to run from their problems rather than to face them head-on. It is important to teach your children that facing conflict is a part of daily life, and one that they can be successful at.

-Choose your battles. Every conflict is not a major life event. Sometimes the best way to deal with a conflict is just to let it go and give it to God. Teach your children the gift of discernment.

-Be persistant. Any conflict worth resolving is one that is also worth spending time on. If you quit when things get difficult, your children will learn this is the way to approach life. It is important for them to know that some conflicts take time to resolve.

-Recognize your inability to resolve a conflict. Sometimes a conflict is out of your hands. It may depend upon another person or situation. In this case, it is important to teach your children that some things are beyond their control.

-Allow your children to work through their problems. It is easy for a mother to come to her child’s rescue all of the time. It is important, however, to let your children learn to work out some of their problems by themselves. You can sit with them as they do this, but let them do it themselves. This will help to give them confidence in their ability to make good decisions.