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Mother's Day tea party with kids

Celebrate Mother's Day with a tea party!
Celebrate Mother's Day with a tea party!
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Looking for a TEA-rrific way to celebrate Mom this Mother’s Day? Treat mom to a tea party!

**Note: This party also works well as a Birthday Tea Party!**

Attach the following invitation to a tea bag: “Recipe for a Mother’s Day Tea Party. Ingredients: One special mommy & two cups of tea. Instructions: Gather all ingredients on (date) at (time). Mix ingredients at (name)’s house. Don’t forget to preheat with an RSVP.”


  • Serve all foods on tiered and footed trays lined with white paper doilies
  • Pink Lemonade served from a teapot into teacups
  • Heart shaped sandwiches (cucumber and cream cheese, PBJ or any favorite filling) Hint: Use a cookie cutter to easily cut sandwiches into hearts.
  • Small fruit kabobs on long toothpicks
  • Cupcakes or petit fours
  • Chocolate covered strawberries


  • Floral tablecloths and paper goods
  • Paper doilies
  • Napkins tied with ribbons
  • Tulle & ribbon tied into bows on chairs (Make the guest of honor's chair the most elaborate!)
  • Flowers in posey vases tied with ribbons


  • Vases: Paint small posey vases (or, reuse glass bottles) with acrylic paint and fill with flowers.
  • Friendship Bracelets: Knot embroidery thread to create friendship bracelets for Mom.
  • Picture Frames: Decorate frames with adhesive foam heart do-dads and jewels. Take a photo with Mom to fill the frame!
  • Collage Cards: Set out a stack of magazines. Give each person a piece of cardstock folded in half, scissors and a glue stick. Cut out items that represent Mom to make her a collage on the outside of the card and write a heartfelt message inside.


  • Guess What?: Have everyone fill out a questionnaire to guess all of mom’s favorites (ice cream, movie, animal, book, sport, etc.). Then, have mom give her answers and see who scores the highest!
  • Mom’s Closet: Have a clothing relay with mom’s clothes! Or, if mom doesn’t want her clothes dirty, relay while balancing a teacup on each person’s head (Note: you may want to use a plastic tea cup not Grandma’s antique china!)
  • Pin It on Mom: Alter “Pin the Tail on the Donkey” to pin an item on mom. Use a photo or drawing of mom and mark a target on her hand. Have each person draw something she loves to pin on…a coffee cup, a favorite purse, sunglasses, get creative.
  • Charades: Play charades with a list of mom’s favorite movies, books, tv shows and stars.
  • Don’t Forget Mom: Play a classic game of Memory Tray with mom’s favorite items from around the house. Show everyone the items for 30 seconds, then find out who can remember the most.

Give mom a novel, cookbook, poetry book or coffee table book and have everyone trace their hand, write a message and sign the inside cover of the book as a special keepsake for Mom.

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