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Mother's Day - Remembering Mary

Mothers are a beautiful flower
Mothers are a beautiful flower
Arlene Farrar

Every Mother's Day sons and daughters honor their own mothers. It’s a wonderful tradition that brings families closer. As Mother's Day once again is upon us, I can't help but think about one mother in particular: Mary, the mother of Jesus.

Though the angel told Mary that her son would be great, Mary was still a mother. Her hopes and her dreams for her son were vivid and clear. Like any other mother, Mary longed for her son to achieve all he could and be everything he could be. When the caravan was returning to Bethlehem from Jerusalem, Jesus was nowhere to be found. When Mary and Joseph realized he was not with their family, they rushed back to find their son. When they found Jesus, Mary admonished him by asking what any other mother would, "Why have you treated us like this?" (See Luke 2)

I don't think any of us can understand the anguish Mary felt while her son was being crucified by the Romans. Seeing him bloody and bruised could only have tortured her heart. And yet, the crucifixion of Jesus was not the end of her story.

With the resurrection of Jesus Christ came a new opportunity for Mary. Her son lived again! As broken as her heart was to see him die, imagine the elation in her heart when she found out he was alive!

As we prepare to celebrate Mother’s Day, let’s remember Mary. Every mother has emotional ups and downs. Each mother at one time or another asks, “Why have you treated me like this?” As you think about your mother, remember her for the love she holds for you. It’s easy to remember hard or difficult times. It’s much harder to forgive and unconditionally love. If nothing else, that is the lesson of Mary, the mother of Jesus. Her love for him never diminished. Sons and daughters, may your love for your mother be the same.


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