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Mother's Day movies to watch

Mother's Day

Mother's Day is the perfect time to sit back with mom and watch a few flicks. If you're looking to bond with your mom over the tube this coming Mother's Day why not watch a few of these sentimental flicks you both love that'll have you tearing up in no time.

Freaky Friday - the ultimate Mother's Day flick that details a mother and daughter that don't get along and happen to switch bodies due to a spell. The pair soon find themselves sympathizing with the other as they struggle with their newfound responsibilities.

Dumbo - an excellent movie to watch if you have small children, Dumbo is the Disney classic about a baby elephant that doesn't quite fit in. Ridiculed by all the other animals at the circus, his mother finds him to be the most beautiful of all the animals until she is taken from him.

The Prizewinner of Defiance, Ohio - a lesser known film that speaks to all the mothers that have had to sacrifice substantially for their children. The film depicts a 60's era mother with an alcoholic husband struggling to make ends meet through participating in sweepstakes contests. An unbelievably touching film.

Stepmom - for mother's and stepmother's alike, this movie depicts the emotional journey of a terminally ill mother making peace with her children's new stepmother and coming to terms with her mortality. A surefire tearjerker.

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