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Mother's Day is Sunday! You've been warned

Tell Mom You Love Her On Mother's Day
Tell Mom You Love Her On Mother's Day
Brad Friedman

Mother's Day is Sunday! You've been warned.

People of all ages are using social media to accomplish all sorts of daily activities and business goals. However, when it comes to using social media on Mother's Day to express your love and thankfulness to the woman who brought you into this world, nurtured and cared for you,, remember to keep these pros and cons in mind.

Pros: Using Social Media For Mother’s Day

Attaching a Gift - Facebook offers the option of sending a gift directly to a recipient with immediate notification of the gift and message. Also, some companies offer gift giving options directly from their Facebook pages such as Yogi Tea . For a limited time, Yogi Tea was even offering to send two packets of tea and a coupon to the recipient of your choice if they have a Facebook account.

Some Twitter apps offer options too. You can send Twitter users a gift card or a real present via mail. Checkout TwitGift to see their gift options like Bourbon Marshmallows or Fresh Coffee.

Last Minute - Well, let's face it. Sometimes we forget the important people in our life. Some believe the old adage, "better late than never." Making a Social Media post at the last minute is certainly at least something. Be sure to include an image of you and Mom or maybe a short video to ease the pain of the late recognition.

Publicity - Perhaps the best part of Tweeting, Facebook posting, or Tumblering about your mother is that all her friends and family get to see this public display of affection. Everyone wants to feel loved and some want to prove to others that they are loved too. Basically, it gives mom bragging rights on Monday at the office or bridge club. This may be the biggest "Pro" of all.

Cons: Using Social Media For Mother’s Day

Not Thoughtful - It may appear as too little, too late. Did you forget Mother's day only to log on to Facebook and realize your mistake? In haste, you quickly resolve this by making a beautiful poem, posting it, tagging her, and publishing it. Whew, close call. Well, moms tend to be an insightful bunch of people and some are likely to notice your folly, making you look like a thoughtless child. Even if Mom doesn't mind, some of your friends are likely to think you're a jerk. And some of her friends are likely to point that out to her too.

Not Personal - Even if you went to the trouble to send a special gift card or real present via your social media post, it could appear as a very impersonal gift. Gift cards in particular say little about your knowledge of Mom's individual likes and interests.

Unintentionally Offend Others - What about grandma or your nanny from your elementary school days? Does she deserve a social media mention on Mother's Day too? And, what about your Mother-In-Law? We may unintentionally offend someone when we don't publicly credit them on certain holidays. And worse, you may never know that you did hurt someone’s feelings.

She Doesn't Use Social Media - What if Mom didn't check her social media accounts on Mother's Day? Or maybe she doesn't use these online tools at all. It's possible she may never know how much you care via a message she never received.

Perhaps the best solution on Mother's Day is to do both; use social media plus a phone call, greeting card, or flowers to show your appreciation. That way she knows you didn't forget, but she also gets the public acknowledgement she deserves.

Whatever you do, don't forget, Mother's Day is Sunday!

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