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Mother's Day gifts for the active mom

Instead of a heavy and calorie-laden brunch, or chocolates and candies, why not give the active mom in your life some treats that match her lifestyle? Here are some ideas for running and fitness related gifts for Mother's Day (this Sunday!):

  • Injinji toe socks -- These funky socks are designed to separate your toes, eliminating skin-on-skin contact to help prevent blisters. They are currently on sale at local Olympia Sports stores.
  • "Gift certificate" for an hour -- or more! -- of babysitting so your active mom can workout or go for a run guilt-free.
  • Energy gels or chews -- Fleet Feet Albany has a wide variety of portable running fuel, including Gu and Clif, among others.
  • Entry fee for your running mom's favorite race. Does your mom on the run love the Freihofer's Run for Women? The Boilermaker? Or another race held near or far? Cover her fee for the race so she'll be sure to run it.
  • Sports bra -- an active mom can never have too many sports bras! Head to Fleet Feet Albany, your local Olympia Sports or another sports store and buy a fun new bra. Be sure to check her size before heading out!
  • Garmin Forerunner -- This GPS that you wear on your wrist is a favorite of runners. You can purchase it online at Amazon or at local sporting goods stores.

Good luck with your Mother's Day shopping!


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