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Mother's Day gift ideas for cat lovers

Still frantically racking your brain to come up with a Mother's Day gift for your own mother or another mom in your life? If she's a cat lover, check out our gift ideas and find something that will strike her fancy.

Herding Cats wine comes in red and white varietals
Photo by Heidi Wiesenfelder

Cat-themed wines

If Mom enjoys drinking wine, surprise her with a bottle or assortment of cat-themed wine. A few to look for in your local shop or online:

  • Herding Cats
  • Hello Kitty
  • Gato Negro

Cat-themed books & magazines

Have you considered giving the mother in your life a cat-themed book or an assortment of them? For moms who like mysteries, check out Lilian Jackson Braun's "The Cat Who..." series, the Mrs. Murphy mystery series by Rita Mae Brown (and Sneaky Pie Brown), or Lydia Adamson's Alice Nestleton books. Another great choice is the Joe Grey series by Shirley Rousseau Murphy, which stars a cat who can communicate with humans.

For science fiction and fantasy fans, try "Tailchaser's Song" by Tad Williams or Michael Coney's "Cat Karina". The former is said to be the "Battleship Down" for cats instead of rabbits. Another excellent choice is the Warriors series by Erin Hunter, very popular with kids and young adults and loved by adults as well. For a mother to older children or young adults, the kids could read the book(s) along with Mom for an even more special Mother's Day present.

If Mom is more into nonfiction and learning about real cats, head to your local bookstore and peruse the books on cat breeds, cat history, and cat care. Or get her a subscription to a cat-focused magazine like Cat Fancy, Cat World, or Natural Cat.

On Mother's Day only, get a special deal on Cat Fancy from The company is offering a one-day discount on its already low subscription cost. Visit the site on Sunday to see the low price, which will be below $5.39 per year and less than half the usual subscription rate of $13.

Help cats

Perhaps you know a mother who would rather do something to help cats than receive a material gift. Here are a few ways you might honor her and help cats simultaneously:

  • Donate to a cat shelter, rescue group, sanctuary, wildlife rehabilitaton, or animal advocacy group in her name. You can make up a certificate to give her on the holiday.
  • Sponsor a pregnant or new mother cat at a cat shelter or rescue, and let your mother know that she inspired you both to make a difference and to honor motherhood.
  • For a hands-on mom, give her a certificate she can trade in for a full day with you volunteering with a local animal organization. (Be sure to check with the organization to find out whether you need to schedule ahead, and if you're a youngster ask about the minimum age for volunteers.)

Cats or kittens

Often people like to give pet lovers an actual pet as a gift. If you consider this option, keep in mind that Mom might not be willing or able to take on a pet (whether it would be the 1st or the 21st in the home!), and that at the very least she may prefer to pick out a cat or kitten hreself. Here are some ways you can help fill the gap for a mother in need of a new feline companion, without bringing her a cat or kitten who may end up back at the shelter:

  • Give Mom a certificate entitling her to adopt a cat or kitten (or two) at a local animal adoption organization.
  • Go with her to help her find a companion who will fit well with her lifestyle.
  • Help a cat-loving mother become a foster parent for an animal shelter or rescue group. That way she can help homeless cats or kittens, and over time find the special feline who will become part of her family.


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