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Mother’s Day and Father’s Day Reflections

Ever since my mother passed away two and a half years ago I have had to restructure my world to get through the day. Especially on Mother’s Day, on this day, my four daughters and husband do a great job by engaging me in some physical activity extravaganza. The year of my mother’s passing my husband and I visited the girls in Washington DC, where all four lived at the time, and we rented bicycles and rode the entire Tidal Basin area. We also followed a tour offered by the National Park Service and learned new facts about our national monuments along the National Mall. We ate at great restaurants and then found a movie to see and ate frozen yogurt to finish the day. It was a day well planned.

Mom & Dad
Robin Rood

This year I visited my DC children but one daughter, who moved home for graduate school, was in finals and my husband could not take a whole week off as next weekend is graduation for my youngest at George Washington University. My DC girls are busier in their work commitments and extracurricular activities now than two years ago, as they try to build their own lives, thus my annual visit is a bit more complicated for them to fit me in, time wise. I do not blame them. I remember when I was their age very busy trying to start a life of my own with work and graduate school. I did not have time for my mother either.

The other day my brothers and I were reminiscing about the old days and we brought up the unique characteristics we each inherited from our mother and father. We remembered disliking some of them very much, like the nagging or the talking to perfect strangers, but now we laugh at how we do the exact same thing today. Our parents never went to college, but still managed to give us children a loving home with a few disagreements, usually over money or the lack there of, but the family was the most important and we always took care of one another. I worry today as I hear or see families give up on one another so quickly.

I tell my children stories of my childhood family life to give them a framework of what is expected from me for them. Always tell the truth, be good to each other and help one another out because life may not be a blessing to everyone equally. Together you can help each other through good and bad times.

Father’s Day is coming in a month and since my dad was not a mushy kind of guy, at least to us kids, but he did love sports, especially, baseball so remembering him is a little easier. I can go to our hometown major league ballpark to watch a baseball game or if that doesn’t work out I can always turn on the radio just like he did.

Happy Father’s Day

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