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Mother's Day and fashion for a cause review: CureDiva


CureDiva is the first ever personalized lifestyle solutions online shop for women facing Breast Cancer. CureDiva offers a one-of-a-kind high-end shopping and community platform that provides women at every breast cancer treatment phase with all of their lifestyle needs. CureDiva's mission is to help women facing breast cancer better their lives with style. This Mother's Day, it is important to take time and acknowledge the mothers, grandmothers, and all women who are battling breast cancer. There are gifts that you can get to show your support during this difficult time. They are stylish and extremely helpful.

Breast Buddy: The Breast Buddy is a unique, patented seatbelt cocoon to better cushion delicate mastectomy and breast reconstruction sites. Designed to make the post-surgical ride home, and every ride thereafter, a more comfortable and safer experience, the Breast Buddy will keep mom comfortable and safe! It's soft as a cotton ball and it's bright pink is sure to add pizzazz to your car while keeping you comfortable.

Fish Heat Pillow: Aches and pains after a long summer day? The Big Fishbellies corn bags pamper and soothe your achy body. Put in the freezer and use to reduce swelling, manage pain and heal faster... even helps with hot flashes that can come along during this difficult time!

Giuliana Rancic is a huge supporter of CureDive!