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Mother's Day 2014: The top 5 Mother’s Day gift ideas every mom will love

Mother’s Day is on Sunday, May 11, 2014, and if you are in dire need for a Mother’s Day gift idea, but you do not have a lot of time or money to spend on a gift, there is one gift that might be worth more than any money can buy. As reported by the Huffington Post on May 5, “now is the time to find a present that says ‘I love you, thanks for everything, you deserve some alone time’."

Mother's Day 2014: The top 5 Mother’s Day gift ideas, when is Mother’s Day?
Tina Burgess

The number one of the five top Mother’s Day gift ideas is a candle. The magic of giving a candle as a gift is that it represents warmth, light, and eternity – just like a mother’s love. Candles come in as many colors and scents as moms do, and there are endless opportunities of finding just the right candle for each unique mom.

Accompanying a candle with a few words can tell a mom what the idea behind the candle was. Ranging from “your mother’s love is as warm and bright as the light of the candle,” to “enjoy your bath in the light of a candle,” there is no limit as to what a candle can say. Even the Huffington Post’s words “I love you, thanks for everything, you deserve some alone time,” would nicely accompany some bath candles.

The number two gift idea appreciated by most moms is of course something family oriented. How about a collage of pictures showing either the happiness of mom’s eyes during family events or the happiness of children because of mom? With digital technology, pictures can be easily cropped and reassembled to show what difference a mom has made and how much she is being appreciated for that.

The number three gift idea loved by many moms is of course jewelry. To personalize it, however, one can spend just a few dollars of having the jewelry engraved with the words “For Mother’s Day 2014.” The jewelry itself doesn’t have to be expensive, but the engraving is priceless.

As number four, many moms like to have something that reminds them every day of the year that they are being appreciated. From Mother’s Day coffee mugs to a pillow saying “for mom,” there are endless items available in stores. What matters though is that mom is reminded daily that she is being appreciated.

Lastly, there are of course books that can be the perfect gift. Books are not just for reading. Books can inspire, entertain, or transport moms into whatever world they would like to be in. Signing the front of the book will make it a memorable gift for many more days to come.

If neither one of the above five major gift ideas matches a mom, has, of course, dedicated special sales for the event.’s Mother’s Day Gifts website includes jewelry, clothing, household items, technology, crafts, and fitness. In its nice description of the special holiday event, Amazon also remind its customers, “If you can't be there to spend Mother's Day with her this year, take advantage of our gift-wrap option and mail your Mother's Day gifts right to her. And in case she didn't already remind you...don't forget to call!”

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