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Mother’s Day 2014 - honoring the love

Connection to the love
Connection to the love
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Today is Mother’s Day, when we honor the person, or persons, who literally gave us our start in this lifetime. Whether related by blood or adoption, today we honor those who raised us, taught us right from wrong, made sure we were fed and clothed, and did their best to teach us what unconditional love is. They held us when we cried, wiped our noses, bandaged our bumps and bruises, and helped us make our way through the sometimes bewildering world of childhood, the sometimes rocky teenage years, and into adulthood in one piece.

No matter race, nationality, or religious beliefs, mothers are always, first and foremost, all about love. The moment we, as babies or children, connect with the person we identify as our mother, there is a bond of love forged that will exist throughout our lifetime. It’s one of the best ways that the inner light from which we came could send us forward into our lives, yet help us retain at least one steady connection to that love , should we ever lose our way. Even after we become adults, and the initial connection to that light seems to weaken and fade, we know that there is always at least one person who will always welcome us with open arms and unconditional love, no matter when no matter where.

On this Mother’s Day in 2014, to all those whose mothers are still with us on the planet, and those whose mothers have gone on, let’s take a quiet moment to say a silent word of thanks for the connection, the love, and the knowledge that, one day, we will all be merged once again with that unconditional love.
Have a peaceful Mother’s Day @--)-)-------