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Mother of sick child scammed out of hundreds while trying to buy puppy online

Mother scammed out of hundreds
Mother scammed out of hundreds
Screen shot ABC News

If the prospect of buying a puppy, sight-unseen, from a puppy breeder who utilizes the internet for sales is not enough to make a consumer wary, perhaps the potential of losing hundreds of dollars is...according to Thursday's ABC 13 News, a woman in Rancho Cucamonga, Calif., lost a good chunk of money in her effort to buy a puppy for her dying child.

Kim Traer utilized to find a Yorkshire Terrier Teacup puppy for her terminally ill daughter who is about to turn six. Instead of a new, cuddly companion for her little girl, Traer lost $800 to a scam artist who used the internet and cute photos to make some easy cash.

Traer told ABC 13 News:

I purchased an animal before. You just call, pay the money and pick up your animal. This one happened to be out of state and they said they would ship it to me the same day,"

After wiring $800 to the supposed puppy breeder, Traer realized that she had been duped; she stated:

I don't normally consider myself stupid, but because I was so desperate to make this happen for my daughter, I did something against my better judgment and this is how it turned out.

Traer alerted the authorities, but she is saddened that she is unable to provide the little companion that she had hoped to secure for her daughter; ABC News reported that there have been several offers from individuals who want to help Traer obtain a puppy for her little girl.

Traer hopes that her mistake will prevent others from falling victim to the same scam.

Important facts to remember:

  • For those who insist upon buying from a breeder - do your research first
  • Do not buy over the internet
  • Meet the puppies' parents
  • Do not wire money
  • Remember - most animal shelters and rescue agencies have puppies available for adoption; yes, even purebred puppies.
  • Visit for a rescue organization in your area

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