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Mother of child with autism creates iPhone application for autism

A mother in Ireland has created an application for the iPhone that will allow non-verbal autistic children to communicate in an easy way.  Lisa Domican, the mother of two autistic children got the idea for Grace in an effort to streamline communication with her daughter. Together with programmer Steven Troughton Smith, the new application encourages verbal communication by letting the child choose pictures to facilitate requests.  The appication does not speak for the child.

  "I was keen to maintain the element of Verbal Behaviour where the user is forced to interact with the Listener in our app. Hence the need to read and share the sentence together, rather than have the machine speak for you. We developed the app primarily to allow the user to make accurate requests (mands) for their needs. However, one of the kids in the pilot has already started using it to comment (tact) - purely on her own initiative.
The other existing features of the iPhone are also very autism friendly, the kids and tutors absolutely love them," Domican said.


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