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Mother of a Special Needs Son, Wronged by the Ronald McDonald House.

This examiner comes to you today with a story of a special needs mom, that has been wronged, and she wants to have her story told, so what happened to her, will not happen to someone else.

Her name is Stacey Bare, and she lives in North Carolina, and this is her story, told first hand by her:

About four weeks ago I contacted the Department of Social Services because I felt our current pediatrician wasn't doing a great job with diagnosing Nathan. After we started in home services we were told that our current pediatrician had diagnosed Nathan with 'failure to thrive' on Jan. 6, 2014 and claimed we went to an office in a county we have never took our children too. We were seeing Boone Pediatrics or Blue Ridge Pediatrics and Dr. Lanny Monroe was our doctor. I know we didn't see him on that day because that was the day I had stitches taken out of my knee after having meniscus tear surgery. Anyway, the 'social worker' was the first person that ever mentioned that diagnosis to us and as soon as we found out we changed doctors to Ashe Pediatrics, were Shelia Driver was the doctor. Shelia seen him one day and we were here at Wake Forest Baptist Hospital the next day. We have been here since Friday June 6, 2014. While we have been here the doctors did a full workup on him. The admitting doctors were Dr. Wood and Dr. Jennifer Jackson. Since being at the Baptist Hospital also called Brenner Children's Hospital. On June 8, 2014 I received confirmation that I would be able to stay at the Ronald McDonald House of Winston Salem, NC. I had friends that were in close contact with Kathi Grenough. My friends name is Jennifer Schmidt and Kathi agreed to contact her if my funds got low she would help pay to keep me near my son. On Friday June 13, 2014 I received a call from Tracy Gentry at approximately 5pm asking me to come by her office that she needed to discuss something with me. I walked over a mile to get to her office because she would not tell me what it pertaining over the phone. I went in and spoke with Tracy Gentry when Jeanie Baird joined us in her office. Tracy proceeded to explain in a very unprofessional manner that we were an undesirable family and because we had DSS involvement that we weren't eligible for the services provided at the RMH. I was also told I must vacate immediately and if I took longer than 30 minutes then the police would be called. I went upstairs and immediately packed my belongings. Went downstairs and I asked could I return to get my food both Tracy Gentry and Jeanie Baird said that after I leave it becomes the property of the RMH. I did tell them that the people that donated would be asking for all of their donations back since I was paid up for two weeks but was cut off at 5 days. They owe people or myself $90 which would have gotten me 2 nights at a local hotel that works with families that has patients in the hospital. After I left several of the house guests told me that Tracy Gentry and Jeanie Baird was going around talking about how I was a bitch and I never have been allowed to stay here in the first place.

Oh forgot to mention when I was leaving they wanted to take back items that was given to me for my kids and I told both Tracy Gentry and Jeanie Baird that it would be a cold day in hell when they take away from my kids. They were promised these toys and they were not getting them back and I walked out the door and never looked back.

The Go Fund Me account for Nathan is

The petition is at the following link:

We all remember at some point knowing someone who had a child in the hospital for one reason or another, or we ourselves have had a child in the hospital. We all know it is a tough thing to go through. But, no one deserves to be treated poorly for whatever reason, when a child is in the hospital. As you can see she has a gofundme account to offset the cost of the growing medical expenses she is incurring, and a petition going to stop this from happening to anyone else. This would be a great way to pay it forward, while showing her, that there are people who care still out there. If you have the chance to stop by one or both links, and let her know, you saw this article. Together, we can help her just by saying hi, signing the petition, etc...

Have a great rest of the weekend.

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