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Mother leaves child in vehicle while shopping in Chesterfield Valley

An unidentified parent was charged by the police after she left her 3-week infant alone in her car on Sunday for approximately 45 minutes while she was shopping at Babies R US no less in the Chesterfield Valley Strip Mall. Supposedly, a bystander noticed the child in the vehicle and that the a/c appeared to be on. Hopefully, the parent will be charged with endangering the welfare of a child with special circumstances with the victim a newborn. Chesterfield has an ordinance that prohibits parents from leaving young children alone in a car.

“In this particular case an infant being left alone in a vehicle for what we believe is an extended period of time is a concern. To leave your child of a minor age in any kind of condition or circumstances which may lead to their harm, being unattended in a vehicle if their an infant or a young child in a car seat."


-- Chesterfield Police Captain Steven Lewis

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