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Mother killed 4-year-old son who 'acted gay': Plans to 'work on him' to fix this

Mother kills 4-year-old because she thinks he is gay, claims prosecutor.
Washington County Sheriff's Office

An Oregon woman who is on trial for the murder of her four-year-old son, killed him because she thought he was gay, claims the prosecutor in this case. This is what the prosecutor believes to be the motive behind the mother’s treatment of the child. Zachery died of a blunt force blow to the abdomen and neglect of receiving medical treatment for the injury, according to MSN News on March 28.

25-year-old Jessica Dutro’s fate will be decided by the jurors as earlier this month she entered a plea of guilty to manslaughter and assault. She acknowledges her role in the homicide of her son, who collapsed in a homeless shelter back in 2012.

Dutro had been staying at the shelter when her son died. Prosecutor Megan Johnson stated that they needed to use Dutro’s Facebook messages to her boyfriend, Brian Canady, for their case and the judge ruled that they can be used.

In those posts, Dutro writes to her boyfriend that Zachary is acting like he is gay and she said that Canady will have to work on him. Three of Dutro’s children also suffered abuse, but Zachary got the brunt of this treatment because his mother believed he was gay.

In the message Dutro told her boyfriend that Zachary was “facing the wall” because the child had made her angry. She also said in this message that her son was going to be gay because “walks and talks like it.” This is when she said that he would have to “work on” Zachery.

The judge also ruled that other messages were admissible in this case as well as her web searches. For the death of her son, Dutro is charged with murder, murder by abuse and second-degree assault.

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