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Mother faces charges for abandoning children in extremely cold conditions

On January 7, 2010, a Grapevine mother dropped her children off at school, as usual, around 7am. After dropping the kids off, she continues on her normal route to work. After hearing the radio announce late openings for Grapevine-Colleyville schools, the mother immediately turned around to go pick up her children. However, when she arrived back at the school, police officers surrounded the children after being called by a nurse who spotted the children on her way to work. In regards to the mother's unfortunate situation, Lt. Todd Dearing, police spokesman said, "she made a mistake, she knows she made a mistake, and now we're investigating the case to see if we'll be filing criminal charges."

Thanks to shows like Law and Order and CSI, our society has been trained to assume the absolute worst case in strange situations but in reality, this is a mistake any busy mother could make during her frantic morning shuffle. While police should absolutely still follow protocol and conduct an investigation, the mother's circumstances should not be unacknowledged.

Dearing says, "it's kind of hard for us to make a statement now because this is still under investigation but everybody needs to pay attention to their children, where they are and what they're doing." This statement is mildly irritating in the sense that maybe outsiders don't have the luxury of judging her situation. Who's to say the mother wasn't paying attention to her children and what they were doing that morning. She may have been juggling so many tasks in her brain that she failed to check the weather station.

Only time, and an investigation, will tell.


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